North West Youthworks run 3 events during the year that focus on Jesus in his word and give 14–18 year olds around the North West (and sometimes further afield) a chance to come together and have a great time with other people who want to live for Jesus or find out more about him.

We have a whole day conference in November, usually in Manchester. During the day there are 3 talks on a bible book or topic, as well opportunities to sing, laugh, play games, meet others, pray together and find out about great Christian books.

At Easter and at the beginning of the summer we have a Friday evening together (recently we’ve been to Speke and Preston) these evenings are more informal. We eat, play some games and then have a chance to listen to a short talk. These are a lot like big youth group meetings.

Sound holidays help to link all these together. Many of our young people in the North West attend Casterton Pathfinder Venture for 11-14s (in 2015 these were @Dallam and @Rossall) once they were too old, sound became a great place for a reunion. Summer 2015 saw the launch of Sound Holidays ‘The Vibe’ for 14–18s. This has given opportunities for friendships that started at Casterton and Sound to be continued and developed. Sound holidays cover anyone aged 8–18, you can find out more info here, and when you’re too old you can be involved as an assistant leader or leader.

We are committed to supporting the local church and want to run events and holidays that help young people love Jesus more and love his people more. Being a Christian teenager can be hard, but being part of your church family, and knowing you’re also part of something much bigger, the church in the North West and beyond, will we hope, encourage and further equip our young people as they live and share their faith.

If you haven’t got involved yet… come and join us!